Fall into sleep
Allow the hours to weigh your eyelids
Dream of dreams untold
of warm and happy days
when you were young
and your life laid out
like an empty road before you
take the path
the untrodden path before you
Where does it lead?
Somewhere that we can never understand


Last night it seems I had perchance to dream
Of ancient skeletons dancing loosely in the desert heat
A hazy glow of yellow and white and bone ivory
And yet with no detail or emotion on their faces
One would say, in fact, that they had no faces
And they did dance into the night around a raging fire
Of burning reds and glowing yellow and fiery orange
And all the time in the clean desert air
Was pleasing scents sweet in my nose
And yet they asked me something I could not hear
While dancing and spinning, slowly moving with the fire
And nothing, not any sound at all, could be heard but the wolf
Howling, plaintive, lonely in the distance
Then eerily, after a while they began to chant
And in a foreign unknown language to me
As the drums pounded they danced in rattling harmony
And the wind stopped strangely in answer to the question
Ominously they moved slower and slower
The old and creaking bones now in synchronistic embrace
Of liquid bones and dry sinews around a glowing fire
But then the golden dawn began to come fast
Lonely faraway pink and grey streaks on a distant horizon
And quietly they sneak closer as they move
This is an ancient, unknown curse, what is it?
That brings these ancient and terrifying bones to life?
What intricate and prehistoric incarnation has been spoken?
To work some magic and animate the long dead?
And then, as quickly as it all started, I awoke
And was alone.


We look upwards
Stretching our arms to the skies
Seeking the Gods as man has done
Since he first stood erect
Upon ancient African savannahs

We worship beings from heaven and earth
Strange beings with wings
Angels in some languages
Somehow to humans
Wings are synonymous with angels

Ethereal spirits from the dreamtime
The ancient winged god Garuda of Thailand
These weird, winged entities
Worshipped by the Sumerians
Are these but figments on mankind’s imagination?

This strange life that haunts us
Follows us from the womb
To the cool peace of the grave
Who are these divine guiding beings?
Visions of rapture, or a yearning to explain the unknown

The Fairy Queen

Forest green,
woodlands seen,
no-one sees the fairy queen.

Trees so high,
faraway sky,
you tell a lie a fairy dies.

Bowers hue,
azure blue,
hear as fairies sing to you.

Day is bright,
forest light,
the fairy queen stays out of sight.